Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Madonna Calls Out Lady Gaga’s “Obsession” With Her…

So it looks like Madonna is really having a hard time dealing with her critically panned film W.E. at this years Venice Film Festival because she’s been in complete bitch mode ever since she stepped foot in Italy. This time around, Lady Gaga was the target of Madonna’s tongue lashing when a reporter asked her what she thought about her fans admiration of her and specifically named one very famous fan in particular – Lady Gaga. This was Madonna’s less than amused response…

“As for Lady Gaga, I have no comment on her obsessions related to me, because I do not know if it is based on something profound or superficial.”

Slam, bam, thank you ma’am! Gaga must really be feeling the burn lately… First she was rejected by Britney Spears when she tried to engage her in a copy-cat MTV VMA onstage kiss (Which she first did with Madonna at the VMAs in 2003) and now Madonna is straight-up calling her out! I think this might actually be a good thing for her in the long run. Maybe a little Madonna/Gaga feud will slap some sense into her and she’ll try a little harder to NOT come off as a recycled pop-star in Madonna’s image. Maybe it’ll push her to actually do something original.
source:dj taj

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