Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Big Ang takes the stage!

Big Ang is full of surprises. Her life is so far from anything I know that when she talks about wiseguys who buy her nice houses, or having an uncle in jail who can get her out of trouble, it’s way beyond me. And it sounds like Jimmy Kimmel is just as surprised by Big Ang’s lifestyle as I am. Ang appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to talk about Mob Wives and as always, she was every bit the charming, hilarious wiseguy-lover we know her to be.

Jimmy asked her about her current marital state, about which she explained “I’m trying to be married but it just doesn’t work out.” She also talked about how her old boyfriends would go about buying her houses (she’s been gifted four, yes FOUR, homes). “They actually ring the bell and ask the people ‘Please, can I buy this house for my girlfriend?’ We actually stalked a house for a year until the people finally said ‘You can have it,’” she told Jimmy. Check out part one of Big Ang’s interview with Jimmy above. Part two is after the jump.


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