Sunday, August 25, 2013

Recap of the VMAS (Rue Aloud Style)

The 2013 VMAS were held in Brooklyn this year.It was a unique set up.The Return of Danity Kane(with no performance or presenting an award? ) Miley's WTF moment that had me confused.
Kayne's Puppet shadow performance!NSYNC reunion that could be a Vine post.Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift dancing  in their chairs as they do at every award shows. Justin's long ass performance and,Drake and Rihanna being haters as usual!Rest assured it would not be the VMAS without the crazy moments.Checkout the Cray Cray hi-lights below...

 photo tumblr_ms48c2Yv4y1stdyhqo1_500_zpsc8297730.gif

 photo tumblr_inline_ms4ilj82Tb1qz4rgp_zps5390b565.gif

 photo tumblr_inline_ms4ikzaqPP1qz4rgp_zps04ba3101.gif

 photo tumblr_ms4b7ykPY71rcgpm7o1_500_zps943169e7.gif

Miley Cyrus & Robin Thicke Perform - VMA's by IdolxMuzic
 photo tumblr_ms4acpS16m1ruc4hxo1_500_zpsf0ce2412.gif

 photo tumblr_ms466t3NUs1qmqmtgo1_250_zps8d30594d.gif photo tumblr_ms466t3NUs1qmqmtgo2_250_zps8149ed0a.gif
 photo tumblr_ms466t3NUs1qmqmtgo3_250_zpsced6bb88.gif photo tumblr_ms466t3NUs1qmqmtgo4_250_zpsefff054f.gif

13VMAJT by YardieGoals

13VMAmack by YardieGoals

13VMAbruno by YardieGoals

13VMAkaty by YardieGoals

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