Friday, December 27, 2013

D Woods declares war on Danity Kane

Despite claiming she chose not to come-back for the reunion and focus on her solo career, D. Woods is now singing a different tune and has now revealed that she was actually not invited back. TMZ has reported: “Original Danity Kane singer D. Woods would have LOVED to perform with the group during their reunion concert in L.A. this week … only problem, she says they didn’t invite her. “Woods tells us she first heard about the groups reunion plans back in May — but not through the girls — instead she learned via TMZ … when we shot the girls meeting up with a new manager. “The 29-year old singer says none of the girls ever expressed any interest in a reunion after breaking up 5 years ago … and Woods was met with resistance every time she tried. “Woods isn’t quite sure why the girls want nothing to do with her … but says she’s happy they’re still having success with “the sound that I helped them create.” THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE: Aubrey O’ Day has since responded to these accusations via Twitter :1 SOOO WE LEAVE YOU WITH THIS!

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