Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Xtina and Gaga unite!

Christina may not have won The Voice but she won The hearts of Lady Gaga's Little Monstors.. pop divas Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera joined forces to lend an electrifying live rendition of the former’s R.Kelly-assisted hit ‘Do What U Want’. Did one outshine the other? Or, did the long-time feuding divas co-exist in harmony? Find out below:And we might have gone GIF crazy but it's all good!
[HD] Lady Gaga & Christina Aguilera - Do What... by IdolxMuzic  photo tumblr_mxzmwvf2MM1qefr98o1_r2_250_zps931fad86.gif  photo tumblr_mxzmwvf2MM1qefr98o3_250_zps3a266ddc.gif  photo tumblr_mxzmwvf2MM1qefr98o5_250_zpse270d61c.gif  photo tumblr_mxzo0w31f11rzs7eao1_250_zps6d0b356b.gif  photo tumblr_mxznuaEVct1s4z4vio1_500_zps475ea666.gif  photo tumblr_mxzo70wYvu1r3fv6wo1_500_zpsf2725ff0.gif  photo tumblr_mxzn3aLrtH1r3fv6wo1_500_zps30fd1bbe.gif

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