Friday, February 21, 2014

The Friday Tea: Ariana Grande VS Perez Hilton!

Once upon a time Ariana Grande‘s fans harassed Perez Hilton because he called her boring, so he responded by claiming she has a coke problem. And they all lived terribly ever after. It all started when Perez insulted the outfit Grande wore to the Grammys and her legion of loyal fans (known as Arianators) started harassing him and his son. In a message aimed at Grande, her mother and brother, Hilton wrote: 29ohit2 Perez Hilton Spreading Rumors That Ariana Grande Has a Coke Problem Music insiders speculate that the cocaine allegations may be a “vendetta” by Perez, who allegedly tried to be Grande’s manager. He “approached her and got rejected.”
He went on to rant on Instagram: I know most @ArianaGrande fans are 12 years old – at least they almost all act like it – but ENOUGH is enough! Even 12 year olds KNOW better than to wish death on a baby and say the disgusting things that 99% of her fans have been spamming my Instagram with. I am NOT sorry I said #ArianaGrande was dressed awfully with boring hair at the Grammy Awards. I will not apologize. And, listen up, kids! For every day you continue to say vile things on my photos, I will continue to bring it to the attention of Ariana. Do YOU want her seeing all those tweets pointing to the fact that she has the worst fandom out there? She does. It’s the truth. And, at this point, her silence on this matter is shameful. Her team KNOWS what her fans are saying about my family and doing to my Instagram photos. Ariana keeping quiet is condoning and promoting that behavior! Shameful, Ariana. Shameful! Quite being such an enabler and SAY SOMETHING! Until then, I guess I will be a baby myself and do what I think I need to do to get this bullshit to stop. All this silliness started over me saying I did not like her look! I had always supported and liked Ariana. Until now! Over her! And over her fans! But it didn’t end there, when Hilton did not get a response, he went on to spread rumors (through now deleted tweets) that Grande has a coke problem. Grande's Response:
Ariana Grande is reportedly preparing to bring a lawsuit against Perez Hilton after he publicly accused her of having a cocaine problem. TEAM ARIANA GRANDE

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