Tuesday, April 29, 2014

HOTT JOINT: Brooke Candy - Opulence

Brooke Candy continues working on her highly-anticipated debut EP, still untitled, scheduled to be release in May via RCA Records. The first official single is called ‘Opulence‘ and was released on iTunes on April 22nd. Brooke Candy is out HOTT JOINT PICK! The rapper filmed the music video and it was directed by Steven Klein and stylized by Nicola Formichetti. It was scheduled to premiere on April 20, but the Freaky Princess took to Twitter to announce that the premiere would be postponed for a few more days, saying: ‘Sincerest apologies but we’re adding a last minute touch for all of you to have a better OPULENCE experience. Well worth it. Promise‘ If you don't get the video here's what the director had to say about it: Opulence is an exploration of the horror of excessive materialism disguised as beauty in our present age: a visual modern interpretation of the Biblical Golden Calf, in which we are willing to sell out souls and shed our blood for material luxury and false idols The video is… tragically diabolical! SEE FOR YOURSELF!

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