Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New : Paris Hilton - Come Alive

She's Back!
Paris Hilton new single Come Alive, which is her second single on the Young Money, Cash Money Billionaires record label. Hilton penned the dance-pop track with producer Mr. Beats.

 The Huffington Post called the clip for her new song Come Alive “Coachella on crack” while E! News said they almost suffered “a seizure from all the fabulousness.”

Hilton earlier told E! that the song was “all about love and how it makes you feel alive.
“So when I was coming up with the concept for the music video, I wanted it to be something that was very magical, ethereal, just very fantasy like, that’s why I wanted to have a unicorn in it because I just think they’re such beautiful, magical creatures.
“It’s very colourful, fun, free and I’m having a great day,” Hilton added.

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