Sunday, March 15, 2015

HOTT JOINT: The Veronicas - Cruel

 "They're back"!
Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, as it turns out, are two sisters you do not want to mess with when it comes to breaking hearts and pulling knives — as the video for The Veronicas’ “Cruel” lets us know.
Playing like scenes out of a Tarantino flick, “Cruel” finds the siblings driving through the California desert with poor V actor Logan Huffman stuffed in the trunk of their car. He manages to escape, only to be hunted down once more by the ladies, who find him in his cheap motel room.
A final showdown between all three goes down out in the sand of the Mojave Desert, and it looks like Logan has made a getaway with our favorite femme fatales’ car…until the final seconds of the video reveal otherwise.
“Cruel” was a co-produced by Dreamlab (Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus) and Ruffian (Zedd, Tegan And Sara), and serves as the latest single from The Veronicas’.

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